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CORONA Process

Measure Color and Constituents

Equipped with both a plane grating spectrometer and also a monolithic miniature spectrometer

onboard for color, the Corona process is the system to use for measuring both key constituents and visual quality indicators such as degree of bake or doneness. 


CORONA Extreme

For use in extreme environments 

The Corona Extreme is a highly flexible NIR system that is tough and dependable. With its pneumatic pipe, screw auger,

and conveyor belt mounting capabilities, the Corona Extreme can be used in a variety of in-line and at-line applications. 


AURA® handheld NIR

Finally an accurate mobile solution.

AURA® handheld NIR is the latest addition to the Zeiss family of robust ZEISS NIR tools.  Compact and loaded with features, the the handheld gives its users a highly accurate portable measurement solution that is the first of its kind and full of valuable utility.

Contact us today to learn more about the application-specific benefits

that these tough, compact and powerful systems can deliver to your farming or food production enterprise's bottom line.

Zeiss Corona and Aura NIR systems are over-built to

deliver reliable measurement

results year after year, in the

toughest agricultural environments. 

In-line, on-implement and portable battery-operated handheld tools are now available in North America directly from Ag Optix

Zeiss Corona Extreme Butter.jpeg

ZEISS NIR systems are easily adapted to existing process lines.

With Zeiss NIR tools, food producers of all kinds can now simply and accurately measure proteins, starches, sugars, fats, color, moisture and many other constituents in process and in real time.


Zeiss NIR solutions exist for measuring key parameters of soybean, wheat, corn, meat, dairy, fruits, nuts, fishmeal, potato flake and snack food production. 

With tens of thousands of Zeiss Spectroscopy units deployed world-wide, the durability and accuracy of these systems is well established. 

ZEISS Spectroscopy NIR Systems for Food, Ag and Pharma 

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